Do Tinted House Windows Reduce Heat More Than Curtains?

Making your home comfortable doesn’t have to cost a fortune when tinted house windows are available. In fact, they’re both affordable and an improvement over traditional fabric curtains.

When it comes to temperature solutions in your home, tinted windows are going to be an easy solution for you. They’re proven to reduce heat more than curtains, making them as effective as they are economical. How do they work? Let’s take a look at how tinted home windows and curtains do completely different things for the temperature in your home.

Curtains Don’t Provide As Much Protection From the Sun

First and foremost, curtains don’t provide nearly as much protection from the sun as window tinting does. When your windows are open to let in natural light, you’re still running the risk of sun bleaching your floors, walls, furniture, and other belongings in the process.

Additionally, you’re also subjecting yourself and your loved ones to harmful UV rays when you only use curtains for your window coverings. Most residential glass windows do not usually include filters or materials in their manufacture that would prevent these rays from entering.

Curtains Do Not Insulate

Windows are the primary reason for heat loss in most homes. When you have the right window protection, you’re able to reduce heat loss and provide more control over the internal temperature. Curtains are not guaranteed to insulate your home. While they can serve as a lovely addition to your home’s decor, they’re not going to help you maintain a consistent temperature.

Tinted house windows, however, are made for heat retention. They create a strong and effective barrier between your home and the light from the sun, making it easier than ever to achieve and maintain the temperature you want in your house.

Curtains Fade with Time

Over time, your curtains will be touched and damaged by kids, pets, and normal wear and tear. This doesn’t even cover the color damage that they receive from being in direct sunlight! You’ll find yourself consistently replacing your curtains, especially if your curtains are white or neutral colors.

Tinted windows stand the test of time. Having tinted windows installed is a home renovation project that you only have to think about once thanks to their consistent and reliable service.

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It’s a no-brainer. Tinted windows are the best way to reduce heat in your home, maintain a desired temperature, and they’ve proven time and time again to be an investment that was worth the time and effort. And did we mention that they provide a great amount of privacy? Your house will look more sleek and fresh than ever.
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