Glare Impacts Employees. Here’s How Office Window Tinting Can Help

You want to make the office a great place to be for your employees, and office window tinting can be a serious game-changer.

We get it! You want the office to be comfortable, a place where everyone can really get the job done. But sometimes, glare can get in the way of your employee’s performance. Glare has been proven to be a serious productivity killer in offices, and while that can feel overwhelming, the solution is pretty simple. 

Attack that pesky glare head-on by investing in office window tinting. Let’s take a look at why this is so worth it.

What Is Glare?

You might be thinking, what is glare, anyway? You’re really going to tell me that a little sunlight is going to zap my employees of their productivity?

Yes. That is exactly right.

If you have windows in your office, you’re going to be battling glare. This is when the light from the sun reflects on the windows, and in turn, starts bouncing on your employee’s computer screens. 

You see, there’s a big difference between daylight and sunlight. While daylight gets people up and going and motivates them to get to work, sunlight brings glare. This causes a strain on the eyes, and also brings on that afternoon sleepy hour as the room starts to warm up.

Trust us when we say that glare is not something that you want to deal with.

The Negative Effects of Glare

So what are some of the negative effects of glare? Well, other than straining your eyes and initiating the afternoon slump, the overarching effects of glare can bring blurred vision and even headaches at times. If you have employees sitting at desks where their computer screens are facing a window, they’re even more likely to suffer the negative consequences of glare.

Additionally, you’ll find that your electricity bill for the office goes way, way up without office window tinting. This is because you’re trying to maintain a cool, comfortable temperature in the office while battling a consistent stream of heat and sunlight.

Office Window Tinting: The Solution

So what can be done? Office window tinting is an incredibly effective and simple solution to glare in the workplace. Having a thin, heavy-duty layer of film placed over the windows in your office is going to keep the glare out, allowing your employees to work in a more comfortable and efficient workplace.

A lot of people wonder if office window tinting is very expensive. The easy answer is that it’s not! Sure, it’s an investment, but it’s one that will pay off, not only because your employees benefit from it, but because you’ll be saving yourself some serious bucks from not having to run the AC as hard as you were before.

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