How to Pick the Perfect Window Tint for Your Office

Finding the right window tint for your office is a fantastic way to enhance the experience for those who work for and visit your workspace. 

Whether you’re managing a small team or you’re working with hundreds of employees in multiple buildings, window tinting is a great way to take your workspaces and buildings to the next level.

So, what kinds of things should you keep in mind when looking for office window tinting? What factors should you prioritize when making your decision? Take a look at some of our tips for picking the perfect window tint for your office!

How Dark Should I Go?

When it comes to window tint, there is a wide range of how light or dark you can go. Window tint can be barely visible, or it can be incredibly dark. When determining how dark you should go, consider how the interior of your building feels right now. Is it much too bright when the sun is shining in, or is it still relatively dark? Going too dark could cast a gloomy feel over the office, something you definitely don’t want.

Should I Install Inside as Well?

Typically, window tint is installed on the outside of your office’s windows. However, installing inside can add an extra layer of privacy for your employees that some individuals appreciate. If this is something you feel your employees could benefit from, you recommend going this route.

Will it Change the Look of the Exterior of My Office?

Depending on how dark you decide to go with your window tinting, it can change the look of the exterior of your office building. Darker tinted office windows can provide a sleek, professional look, making this an easy upgrade for your office building.

Is There a Difference in Tint Quality?

There is definitely a big difference between different tint qualities. Sure, low-quality film may cost less upfront, but you will find yourself in need of more frequent upkeep and repairs. If you opt for a quality tint, it will last longer and serve its purpose with little effort on your part. Here are more details on commercial tinting.

What Are The Benefits of Window Tinting for My Office?

And the benefits of window tint for your office? We mentioned a modern, sleek look on the exterior of your building, as well as privacy for your employees. On top of that, window tinting blocks UV rays coming from the sun, creating a more comfortable work environment free of any unwanted excess heat. You’re able to more easily regulate the temperature in your office, and tinting even adds an extra layer of safety against potential intruders.

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