Protect Your Car’s Leather Interiors with Window Tint

Protect Your Car’s Leather Interiors with Window Tint

Did you know that the sun can be harmful to your car’s leather interiors? By adding window tint to your vehicle, you can protect your investment.

Whether your car is parked in your driveway or you’re cruising down the highway, your vehicle can take a serious beating. Road hazards, the elements, and the general wear and tear can take a toll on the exterior of your car. But did you know that these can also affect your car’s interiors? Direct sunlight can significantly (and negatively) impact the leather in your vehicle. Thankfully, there are ways you can protect it from damage.

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Leather and Ultra Violet Rays

Sunlight impacts leather in two different ways: UV rays and the effects of heat. When leather is exposed to too much UV light, it can begin to fade, losing its beautiful color. After a time, it will only be a shadow of its former rich color. 

As for the heat, when your car sits in the hot sun for an extended period (we’re not talking about a single day or even a week), the heat begins to draw moisture out of the leather, leading to cracking and warping fabric. Long-term sun exposure will result in aged, dull-looking leather that is not only aesthetically displeasing but also lowers your car’s value if you’re hoping to resell or trade-in.

Window Tint Can Protect Your Car’s Leather Interiors

One of the best things you can do to protect your vehicle’s leather interiors is to add a window tint to your car. Tinting your car windows protect against both the heat of the sun and its harmful UV rays. This protective layer is virtually invisible and darkens your vehicle’s windows, and can block up to 99% of rays, stopping them in their tracks and keeping them from fading your leather. The tint film can also block 50% or more of heat, even in the thick of the hot desert summers in Utah, reducing the moisture-sucking effect of heat on leather.

More Ways to Protect Your Leather Interiors

In addition to window tint, you can take these precautions to help protect the leather interiors of your car:

  • Park in the shade as often as possible.
  • Use quality car and seat covers.
  • If you drive a convertible car, never leave the top down when parking in the sun.
  • Regularly apply a high-quality leather conditioner to your seats, and increase frequency during warmer months.
  • Wipe down leather often.

Protect the Leather Interiors of Your Car with Utah Window Tint

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