Safety & Security

Everybody knows that window tinting reduces glare and enhances your privacy, but what about the safety and security benefits?  Consider the following:

  1. Window tinting film will hold glass together.  The thicker the film, the greater the protection. Although it will not keep the glass  from breaking, it will keep the glass from flying. This is especially important in the event of an accident or weather-related damage.  Flying glass can cause injury, as well as additional property damage.
  2. Because window tinting film holds the glass together, if an intruder breaks a window it will be harder for them to gain entrance to your home or business.  Tinted windows also keep a potential intruder from being able to see inside to determine the location of people and property.
  3. Window tinting can also reduce costs due to vandalism.  It can minimize or eliminate damage from glass etching.  It can also protect from other types of damage, such as spray paint.  Replacing window tinting film is a much more affordable option than replacing a window.

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